The Presence

Shawn Boonstra

It's closer than you think! World events seem to signal that we are on the verge of dramatic changes. And an ancient artifact—one that has been missing for thousands of years—might hold the key to understanding it all.

Our ancestors may have understood our future more clearly than we do, as revealed in an ancient ritual so startling that it will change the way you look at history—and life—forever. A forgotten calendar predicted the course of world history in advance. It has never once been wrong, and it suggests that time might be running out for us. In fact, planet earth may have already entered its final phase.

Welcome to The Presence, a five–night event that will change your life forever. Through this series, you can find hope for the future and gain a clear understanding of what to expect as history continues to unfold.

You don’t want to miss this event. It is designed for busy people like you! In five short nights, you will receive—free of charge—a breathtaking glimpse at the big picture of what is going on in world history. I invite you to watch the trailer and check the map to find the location near you. It may just change your life.